Sylken Shadowslink

server: Zebuxoruk

race: Dark Elf

class: Rogue

deity: Bristlebane Fizzlethorpe, King of Thieves

height: 5'3"

weight: 120 pounds

hair: pale silver

eyes: violet

equip: Sylken's magelo

current level as of:

August 26, 2001: 21
September 3, 2001: 22
(23 happened somewhere in here)
December 8, 2001: 24
(25 happened somewhere in here)
January 9, 2002: 26
(27-29 happened very fast somewhere in here as I went on a levelling spree in OT)
January 25, 2002: 30
February 1, 2002: 31
February 12, 2002: 32
February 17, 2002: 33
(34-37 happened here in OT, Iceclad and Eastern Wastes)
March 7, 2002: 38
I give up on tracking what day I levelled for every single level.
May 17, 2002: 46

trade skills: poison (making it and applying it), jewelcraft, tailoring, fishing, swimming, blacksmithing, languages galore, lockpick, and the corpse dragger's favorite - sneak+hide

personality: Sylken's childhood was a lonely one. Orphaned in Neriak, she spent her childhood roaming the city and surrounding forest. She met many travellers as they passed through the area. Because of this interaction, she doesn't have as much of the xenophobic streak typical to her people. She doesn't hate any race, save high elves. Whenever possible, she keeps these folk at a distance and only deals with them when forced to.

In her teen years, Sylken was smart - but not as smart as she thought she was, and not in the subjects she believed herself to know best. In her own mind, she was an expert thief and survivalist.

In recent months she has come to realize her boundaries. Her strengths and weaknesses have become apparent to her. She is only passably strong, but incredibly agile. As skillful at dodging as she may be, she cannot take as much damage as most other melee fighters. Due to her new self-awareness, she approaches each battle more cautiously. She has also been teaching herself the poisonous arts, with the help of Toxdil. This famous theif of West Freeport has become one of her closest associates.

Few people have been able to get close to Sylken. Toxdil has known her the longest, but she doesn't entirely trust him. Thus, they have not become friends. Sylken has a few friends, although most of them have fallen absent recently.

Karrall, a dwarven warrior, has adventured all over Norrath with Sylken. She can't remember where or how she met him but since that unremembered day, they have been many places and defeated many mobs together.

Hyashi, a shifty human monk, has joined Sylken on many of her travels as well. Recently he has renamed himself Dyluk and re-started his monk training. Hopefully someday soon he will reach a level high enough to group with Sylken again, so she can make fun of his drunken monk dancing and kick him while he's feigning death. =)

Rygas, a human druid, is very similar to Dyluk in temperment. Sylken suspects they may be related, or perhaps even the same person leading a dual life. Regardless, Rygas is a solid ally and good friend who has saved Sylk's life with his heals many a time.

More recently, Hyashi and Rygas have gone missing. In their place has arrived a bard named Mythius. He shares Rygas and Hyashi's shifty, easy-going temperment. Sylken suspects this individual was actually both of the aforementioned people as well. He may be a spy or simply someone with a raging identity crisis. He is a solid friend nonetheless, having last 50something levels now, and he sings pretty well too when he's not drunk.

Stahadon, a fellow Teir'dal and rogue, met Sylken through Karrall. He befriended her easily as they share a similar position in life. As of late, Stahadon has been breaking from the Teir'dal, and is no longer welcome in Neriak. Sylken has been criticized for dealing with him, but her loyalty to her friend is stronger than the disapproval of others. She would still associate with him freely, but for the fact that he has been missing for several months now. Sylken wonders about him daily.

(more friends to be added soon)

Fun with dead Iksar
"I am smiling."
'Kiss my ass' pants
Sylk stockings
Sylken in Crystal Caverns, under new character models.
EQ Fashion shots

Part 1 - She is Named

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