~cliques and rings~

Brandon Teena..1972-1993

The Equality Project

I support the Peace Riot Movement.

Moody: A Site Clique
Moody: A Site Clique

fierce ^i^

topaz [jewel]

i'm a dork.

sod off

you were the only one

~friend's sites~

Anime Impersonators - Sean
Collage - Christa
Chaotic Century - Broadway
Esoteric Engravings - Kat-kat
GbEj dot net - Esther/The Gothic Bunny/Jerod
Human? - Jerod
*Stef's Little World* - Stef, Lover of Chickens
Spoken word by Jesse - under the names Chucho and Pseudo Human

~funny stuff~

rant/opinion sites
Acts of Gord
Celery + Gravity = Art
Tweety's Self Indulgent Rant Page

flash sites

8-Bit Theatre
Alice Comics
Angst Technology
Cool Cat Studio
Diesel Sweeties
Elf Life
GU Comics
Ozy and Millie
Sinfest - Thanks to Mike for showing me this.
Wapsi Square
WTF Comics

Dr. Demento
Eric Conveys an Emotion

~game stuff~

Anarchy Online
Anarchy Lore
Anarchy Online - Official Site
Anarchy Vault

Asheron's Call
Asheron's Call - Official Site
AC Vault


class specific sites
EQ Diva - bard site
EQ Druids
The Safehouse - rogue site

general sites
Caster's Realm
EQ Fashion
EQ Traders
EQ Women
EQ Vault
Magelo - Show off your gear.
Qu'ellar D'Velkyn Sargh - Drow RP guild on Zebuxoruk. Sylken used to be in this one.
Rutabaga Paradox - If I played on Druzzil Ro, I would so be in this guild.
Shattered Order - Link broken, but R.I.P.

~interesting stuff~

Anipike - Hint: Open up the window all the way!
Elf Quest
Ever Notice? - Disney Movie Secrets
Josie's Dollz
Let's Sing It - A lyrics site.
OverClocked ReMix - Game music remixes!
Requiem for a Dream
The ViviSection - A great site about Vivi from FFIX.
What the Heck?

~my sites~

current pages
Here, a.k.a.
EQ Mysteries

old pages
Aquaviann's Crystalline Castle - My very first website. (February 2000)
The Sky Kingdom - My small Sailor Uranus gallery. (March/April 2000)
Aquaviann's Abulia - My failed attempt at an online business. (June 2000)
Neo-Mega - My artsy, gothic thing. (September 2000)
Fearless - Guess you could call it the 1.0 of this site. (January 2001)

My DeviantArt Gallery
My Portfolio
My LiveJournal


online shopping
Cool - Hippy stuff.
Fever - Nifty vintage stuff.
Pluckyfluff - Beautiful yarn.

webmaster stuff
Adam's Advanced HTML Guide
Color Lab - Good deals on domain names and hosting!
Funky Chickens!

~various unsortable sites~
Animal Congregations, or What Do You Call a Group Of...? - Gotta watch out for them gangs of buffalo.
- Nifty site including anime and dollz stuff.