server: Zebuxoruk

race: Dark Elf

class: Enchantress

deity: Agnostic

height: 5'

weight: 100 pounds

hair: blue-silver

eyes: gray

equip: Chimere's magelo

current level as of:

February 16, 2002: 11
February 17, 2002: 12
March 6, 2002: 13
May 17, 2002: 16
(long break)
January 20, 2003: 17

trade skills: jewelry making, tailoring, blacksmithing

personality: Chimere is Sylken's younger sister. Their relationship has been a distant and rocky one in the past, as their positions in life are different. Chimere is well known among the intelligence casters of Neriak. This group of mages, wizards and enchanters has set itself in a high-minded and elite counter-culture of its own, forsaking both melee and necromancy. Sylken's station as a thief and spy puts her more in an infamous light.

These sisters were orphaned and raised in very different situations. Chimere was nurtured by the Spurned and Sylken was raised up by an ogre couple in the Foreign Quarter of Neriak. Thus, they don't acknowledge each other in public. However they do take care of each other in small ways. Occasionally, Sylken will send money to her sister, by means of their associates. Since their reputations in dark elven society are so precarious, this is the only form of contact they can afford.

Chimere, like her outer circle of intelligence casters, dwells in matters of thought and knowledge. And like her enchanting peers, she shares the qualities of very high charisma and equally high vanity. She uses her charm shamelessly to gain advantage, as is expected of all in her profession.

soon to come

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