Celestorm Wolfsong

server: Zebuxoruk

race: Wood Elf

class: Druid

deity: Tunare, Mother of All

height: 5'2"

weight: around 100 pounds

hair: auburn

eyes: green

current level as of:

August 26, 2001: 24
September 3, 2001: 25

skills: tracking, tailoring, smithing, fishing, swimming, languages, foraging and a small start toward baking

personality: Mild-mannered and practical, Celestorm strives to make herself useful to those who need her assistance. However, she ceases to offer help to those who are rude or cruel. She has a temper that flares more often than she would like to admit.

As most Wood Elves, she was raised in Kelethin and the surrounding Greater Faydark. Her parents were active in the guild of druids, and they had high hopes for their daughter. In her early teen years her mother was called by Tunare to journey far from the tree city. She left abruptly, and so Celestorm and her father were unsure of what to do. Several months later, Celestorm's father left to go after his wife. The druids of Kelethin supported her until her 16th year and 5th season (level). She told her guild that she was leaving in search of her parents, and to follow Tunare's calling. However, she was also growing weary of the guild's expectations for her. As she was leaving Kelethin, she met a human paladin bound for Freeport. With his help, she reached Butcherblock's dock and sailed to Freeport.

To be continued...

Celestorm casting Skin like Rock
Celes feeling a bit less short
Shroom field
Hill giant versus treant

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