Aerin the Red

race: Aluvian
specialiazed skills: Sword, Melee Defense, Loyalty
trained skills: Life Magic, Arcane Lore, more
height: 5'8"
weight: 150 pounds
hair: red
eyes: blue
current level as of May 20, 2001 (when I quit AC): 30
current level as of November of 2001 (when I returned to AC): 31
background: (I am still working through the story of Aerin, but here is what I have so far.) A loner Aluvian in Gharu'ndim land, Aerin had to learn early to fend for herself. She was born in Holtburg, but has spend most of her life in Al-Arqas, following the murder of her parents. They were killed by a band of thieves that lurked the roads between the desert city and its outposts.
Because her parents were killed so far from home, and she was only eleven at the time, she had no idea how to get home. The two women of Al-Arqas's west outpost took her in and trained her in the art of life magic and swordplay. More to come.

Aerin and the wisp tree
Aerin crossing her arms
Aerin floating near Al-Arqas
Aerin in Glendon Wood's white dress
Aerin in the autumn forest
Aerin with her fiery sword

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